The precision oriented heat through RF / microwave technologies.

About BSD Medical CorporationBSD Medical is a leading developer of systems for the treatment of cancer therapies, the precision oriented heat through RF / microwave technologies. The company’s systems are designed to kill cancer through heat alone, or as companion therapies to improve the combined results, All when used with radiotherapy treatments. Application for marketing approval for the BSD-2000 was mentioned in this press release has been filed with the FDA and is currently under assessment. For more information visit BSD Medical ‘s website at.

Song added that their discovery could increase efforts to neuron regeneration in the brain or to transplanted stem cells form connections to help you more effectively.* Dolores Moorehead , Program Director, Women’s Cancer Resource Centre, Oakland, Calif. Ms. Morehead were a 10 year employee of American Cancer Society in San Francisco which now dedicates time and energy to the promotion of women by Krebs and to awareness general population about cancer. Worked through her passion for her work Ms. In Morehead shall promote numerous patients with cancer implement programs to break down barriers break down barriers the treating.

The American Cancer Society has become dedicated for the avoid cancers as the major health problem due to the saving life, diminishing suffering and based Cancer Prevention through research, education, consulting and services. Founded in 1913 and with national headquarters in Atlanta, to company was 13 regional Divisions with offices in 3,400 communities, who millions of volunteers in the U.S.

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