The researchers injected the mice with curcumin or PEITC sitemap.

The researchers injected the mice with curcumin or PEITC, alone or in combination, three times per week for four weeks, starting one day before the introduction of prostate cancer cells. They found the injections significantly retarded the growth of cancer tumors sitemap . With PEITC and curcumin in tandem produced even stronger effects.

For Kong’s study, researchers bred used mice, ‘systems do not reject foreign biological material and injected the mice with cells from human prostate cancer cell lines, tumors against which the compounds are tested were able to grow. – ‘Despite convincing data from laboratory cell cultures, PEITC little about how PEITC and curcumin would perform in live animals, especially on prostate cancer, ‘Kong said. ‘So we undertook to evaluate this study, how effective could PEITC and curcumin – individually and in combination – to prevent and possibly treat prostate cancer. ‘.

Moreover also stresses the possible research projects, which new modeling and simulation tool on drug absorption, release or other drugs may lead development issues and alternative procedures for searching exemptions from clinical bioequivalence.

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