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The researchers mice so that switch switch the p25 transgene on will . Activation of p25 has been accommodated in a variety of neurodegenerative diseases. Once activated in the mice, the p25 transgene neural pathology very similar produced by patients with Alzheimer’s disease, said Tsai. The animals show brain atrophy and loss of neurons due to the same sort of cellular changes in people who have Alzheimer’s disease have seen, she said.

Tsai and her colleagues investigated whether a class of drugs called histone acetylation, histone deacetylase inhibitors preserves, could affect learning and memory in the p25 – induced mice. ‘In these studies, we have found use increasing the use of drugs for histone acetylation artificially produced an effect very similar to that observed in environmental enrichment, ‘said Tsai. ‘That leads us to believe that further studies of ways to target chromatin remodeling could be a treatment for Alzheimer’s and to provide other forms of dementia, ‘she said. Tsai the group is now investigating the molecular mechanisms by which these drugs work and which specific targets could most effectively improve learning and memory.

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Other concepts and PDL BioPharma License rights in volociximab indications in ophthalmic To Ophthotech developing – specializing Ophthotech Corp. , a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on developing ophthalmology treatments for back – of-the – eye diseases, Biogeneric Idec Inc. and PDL BioPharma, Inc. announced that it registered on an exclusive worldwide license agreement deal of an anti angiogenesis antibody at age-related macular degeneration . Under the terms of of the agreement, Biogen Idec is and PDL has granted Ophthotech worldwide development and marketing rights for all ophthalmologic applications of volociximab . Volociximab is an investigational monoclonal antibody against a5b1 integrin, a key protein in blood vessel formation a process that called angiogenesis involved. Biogen Idec and PDL respectively obtained an equity interest in Ophthotech well as combination of milestone payments and royalties on future product sales. Other terms angiogenesis conditions relating to agreed are not being disclosed. A5b1 integrin a critical a survival factor for proliferating endothelial has in which angiogenesis, said Samir Patel, President & CEO of Ophthotech. The pre-clinical studies that offer strong support for developing volociximab for ophthalmological indications. It does a potential breakthrough in the treatment of Intel. time is a substantial unmet need for the treatment of Intel, and we are pleased that Ophthotech created of leader in developing new therapeutic to that disease , has decided to to the of volociximab in the AMD, said Faheem E. Hasnain, Executive VP, Oncology and Rheumatology SBU, Biogen Idec is. – We believe that the anti-angiogenic properties of volociximab Ophthotech are associated with expertise in the development of ophthalmologic treatment provide an excellent opportunity for to to maximize the value volociximab said L. Patrick Gage, PDL interim CEO of. Patients in USA be Biogen Idec and PDL to jointly develop volociximab in the cancers with solid tumors of and to Company reserves the rights in all the other indications according their September 2005 Cooperation agreed.

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