The researchers used a colony of mice in a large plastic bubble increased parapharmacie pas cher.

The researchers used a colony of mice in a large plastic bubble increased, called an isolator , that was completely sterile, lacking even a single bacterium. They introduced a single type of bacteria in the mouse colony, but fast in different types mutated new bacteria resistant interior of mice than the original bacterium was were. In some ways, this is one of the best demonstrations of evolution ever carried out in a laboratory, said William Parker, assistant professor in the said Duke Department of Surgery parapharmacie pas cher read more . This is the first time the development of bacteria , which was monitored for a period of years in an incredibly complex environment. .

Parker said the work illustrates the power of evolution in creating diversity and in filling ecological niches. – the idea that used evolution develop develop microbes for use in biotechnology and medicine,’said Parker. The results, which appear in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology, indicate that controlled ‘experimental evolution ‘or evolution in the laboratory could be used to develop new strains of bacteria for use as probiotic substances that living organisms use for intestinal and digestive therapies.

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