The Restech Dx pH Measurement System Digestive Disease Week Digestive Disease Week that.

The pharyngeal pH environment in 20 patients and 10 normal, asymptomatic controls USC researchers estimate that completion of the study in late 2007, finally, the collection of data from more than 50 asymptomatic subjects. The figure shows the successful clinical and scientific validation of advanced reflux measuring and recording tool to assist in the diagnosis of supraesophageal reflux. Unlike conventional reflux detection systems, the Restech Dx system can be used via the esophagus for a comfortable and secure patient test. Study data to help using using the Dx – system to better diagnose reflux diseases such as asthma and chronic cough..

company to increase marketing to women in developing countriesAgence France-Presse examines a trend among tobacco firms target ads against women in developing countries: Advertisements telling smokers they are smarter, more energetic and better lovers than their Non smoking counterparts a familiar sight in – – writes something unimaginable in most other countries, the news service. Health experts are concerned that such advertising may be behind a rise in the number of women in Bangladesh with tobacco.Dr. Andrew of the main anticancer drug target identified.

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Detail on the structure of JAK2 kinase will be published in an upcoming issue the ‘Blood’, the Journal of American Society of Haematology.

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