The results of this study.

The results of this study, new drugs, the virus-induced coughing and wheezing in asthmatics and people with reduce lead to other chronic lung diseases. It is possible that therapies could be developed that block either the sensitivity of the cough receptors and their increase in number. This would keep ultimately improve the ultimately improve the quality of life of asthma patients, said Dr. Abdullah.

Results showed that rhinovirus infection, increasing the number of receptors in the TRP airway cells and that this effect was strongest caused pronounced in mild asthmatics. ‘The increase in receptor numbers makes individuals sensitive to environmental stimuli, making them from from long bouts of coughing, ‘said Dr. Abdullah.. Hani’ah Dr Abdullah , who works on the project, explained how these receptors called transient receptor potential receptors, ‘ receptors to chemical and physical stimuli in the environment as pollutants in the air, a change in the air temperature and some of the toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke found Once activated, these receptors the individual to cough wheeze and she said,.Did student both to depression and anxiety, is to enable poor academic achievement.

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