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Event is the leading industry leaders and scientists share their vision of the impact of micro and nanotechnology in sensing and providing a window on their activities. The main speaker for the event is Dr. Hans Hofstraat, vice president of Philips Research, which is some of the major developments in nanotechnology and sensor applications including future challenges, trends and opportunities highlight. The second keynote speaker is Dr.Since 2004, the basic supply from Tufts medical Medical Centre have offered to patients which opportunity to become part one of two traditional general practice one holder or practice. Those responsible for the practice mounting full wellness and prevention opt longer visits, 24-hour provided with a doctor, who screening and on-time Bureau appointments in 24 hours a request. But the contrast with other boutique practices, the fee the $ 1,800 per year that this patient are not paying straight to doctors offices. Instead, it is used to the traditional common medical practice, the archives teaching medical students and apprentice and free care for poor patients (Chen..

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