The Roy stated.

If the mice with a therapy to the c-kit mast cell receptor were treated specifically in combination with a drug for a drug for autoimmune arthritis – the incidence of breast cancer metastases in the bone and lungs has been greatly reduced, the Roy stated.

Mast cells are the only ‘terminally differentiated ‘(mature in the body, in the body, such as blood cells develop from stem cells in the bone marrow and also a c-kit receptor. Expressed suspicion of a relationship between the c-kit receptor on mast cells, and the SCF-ligand by the metastatic cancer cells, the researchers tested the effect of blocking receptor by treating the mice with an anti – c-kit receptor antibody and celecoxib, an anti – inflammatory drugs.For school age in schools is unworkable FMJ.

Random drug testing into schools be is not practical because school comply meet state criteria of introducing new screening program, demands one British public health expert in the BMJ.

The Department of Health is 19 criteria the introduction of new screening program. Least 18 of them have been made for widely used drug urine analysis in schools, Woody Caan, Professor of Public Health to write at Anglia Polytechnic University.

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