The Screener platform.

The Screener platform, currently in use combining with several large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, enterprise-wide assay data management with high-performance processing workflows and flexible analysis tools. Screener rapidly analyzes, integrates and manages all assay data, independent of tools, technology, volume or location. The results support support with chemical, pharmacological and in vivo data for scientists in the tasks of the compound prioritization and identification of quality lead structures with the highest confidence.

, enterprise-wideLead Data Analysis and Management Platform Genedata Screener 5.5 ReleasedGenedata, a leading provider of in silico solutions for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, announced the release of Genedata Screener 5, its new enterprise solution for high throughput and high content screening analysis.Manager Conciseness Healthcare Communications, Sean McGrath, added: We took to success of the show and the great feedback people from all participants from all edges of the world crab pleased That was a great opportunity for professionals. Exchange ideas on new trend a panel of expert. We already plan next year and hope that there help you to the right drug the right drug on to fight cancer patients, they need quickly than ever before. .

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