The series focuses on four major areas.

The series focuses on four major areas, including: evidence-informed policymaking, identifying needs for research evidence; find and evaluate research findings, and go from the research evidence choices.. New Support Tools Point Way To Better Health policymakingA comprehensive review of evidence-informed health policy was recently launched in BioMed Central journal Health Research Policy and Systems. Supplement entitled supplement entitled ‘Support tools for evidence-based health policy-making ‘provides an essential reference and a set of tools that can be used by those in the exploration and use of research evidence for evidence-based health policy are involved support.

The tools are made of the supporting policy relevant Reviews and Trials project, international cooperation through the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission with partners in Africa, South America, Europe and North America funded developed. – According to Andy Oxman of the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services, who led the project, In this series of articles, it is our aim effectiveness effectiveness, efficiency and equity of health policies through the better use of research results decisions to inform health systems.S wie wirelektion, speak auf migros. Dokumentation v.

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