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The Times-Picayune . ‘The planned state teaching hospital in New Orleans will be at least $ 70 million annual state general Fund assistance to 2016 and could need $ 100 million in subsequent years up to an analysis prepared for Louisiana Health Secretary Alan Levine. Amounts amounts to 2016 represent approximately $ 33 million annual increase , which gives the state the interim LSU Public Hospital now, but lower than in previous projections of future obligations to either the new hospital or the existing Interim LSU Public Hospital ‘(Barrow, Hospitals Tulsa World: ‘Democratic lawmakers are compensated to support a hospital provider fee cuts to education, health care and other fields combined, she said Tuesday Republican legislative leaders and Gov. Brad Henry, a Democrat, are negotiating a budget for the next. Financial year. ‘A deficit of more than $ 1 billion expected. ‘Government agencies are for deep cuts. Prepare Democrats. Say a hospital provider fee would be in the millions of dollars that could be matched with federal Medicaid bring dollars. Hospitals, patients receive Medicaid support the charge, said Sen. Andrew Rice, D – ‘ ‘(Hoberock.

In Florida, a measure that ultrasound examination to women, it before to see an abortion was passed by the legislature but not yet Governor Charlie Crist, the Miami Herald reports submitted. opponents speculate that house leaders deliberately delayed bill to give supporters the most possible time to the governor’s office with calls and e – mails. A woman, by Thursday, Crist office had 20,018 calls, emails and letters urging him to sign the bill received, 989 Total number of messages urging a veto. Strong reservations about repeatedly expressed strong reservations about the law, and he expected to have a veto (Bousquet and Frank.

The researchers examined overall 200,587 adults are, Currently Trinker , which took part at the 2008 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance systems . Alcohol consumption, BRFSS requested the subscriber order rate their own health by answering the issue: ‘Would you say in that generally is your health excellent, very good, or poor? ‘The authors it estimated prevalence of binge drinking and heavy drinking , and defined the incidence of binge drinking . SRH was then in all categories optimal and suboptimal subdivided. ‘The results show to binge drinking is a serious health problem over the life span remains,’said Tsai. ‘Nearly 35 million adults binge drinking also report in the year 2008 and over 40 % of of these binge drinkers have reported of four or more episodes from binge drinking throughout the past 30 days. Moreover, frequently binge drunkard and binge Trinker that tell high level average of the daily alcohol consumption, heavy drinking, In addition these tend suboptimal itself assessed health care report. Moreover, these planes of binge drinking also connected with 13 to 23 % Been increased likelihood reporting less than optimal SRH, if it does not binge drinkers compared. ‘.

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