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Animal research demonstrates how entire chromosome changes cause cancer Mayo Clinic researchers have proven the longstanding theory that adjustments in the number of whole chromosomes – – called aneuploidy – – could cause cancer by eliminating tumor suppressor genes ciprofloxacin 0.5 here . Their findings, which appear in the current issue of the journal Malignancy Cell along with an unbiased commentary on the discovery, end a significant controversy in neuro-scientific cancer research concerning whether aneuploidy can be a cause or a rsulting consequence cancer. All human being cancers have an abnormal number of chromosomes Virtually. Therefore, it has been lengthy suspected that gene mutations which promote erroneous chromosome separation during cell division are to be blamed for tumor development. However, because of experimental limitations this is difficult to prove. ‘By using a combination of new and established mouse versions for human cancers, we were able to demonstrate that aneuploidy causes tumor and elucidate the mechanism by which it can so,’ explains Jan van Deursen, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic cancer biologist and senior writer. Significance of the Research These results explain how chromosomal errors can cause cancer. They prove the part of aneuploidy in the elimination of genes that suppress tumor formation. ‘Given that we understand the mechanism by which aneuploidy causes cancer, it will be far easier for other researchers to build on this knowledge – and target fresh drugs appropriately,’ says Dr. Van Deursen.


Another offshore oil rig explodes in the Gulf of Mexico It’s a war zone out there!. If you’re an oil platform worker, anyway. Another oil rig, the Vermilion Oil Rig 380, has exploded in the Gulf coast of florida, just a few kilometers from the infamous Deepwater Horizon that began the massive volcano of essential oil that poisoned the Gulf this summer. U.S. Coast Safeguard helicopters had been dispatched to the scene immediately, where 13 workers were found floating in the drinking water around the rig. The rig is reportedly burning, but it has been reported by ABC Information that the rig wasn’t drilling for essential oil at the time of the explosion. Zero given information explaining the reason for the explosion has yet surfaced. One workers was injured in the explosion apparently. While it could be too early to know for sure, there are up to now no reports of essential oil being spilled in to the Gulf from the rig. This second explosion normally brings to brain the safety and reliability of offshore drilling systems. In lots of ways the Deepwater Horizon incident was referred to as a fluke, a uncommon event that would likely not really be repeated any time soon. To see another oil rig exploding simply weeks later will not inspire self-confidence in the minds of Gulf Coast citizens who have already been hit hard by the prior oil spill along with the Corexit chemicals widely used as oil dispersants. It raises the question that’s today on everybody’s mind: Could Deepwater Horizon happen again? If so, how do the protection is improved by us of offshore oil drilling? Or better however, how can we replace that harmful, dirty industry with clean, renewable energy resources that don’t burst into flame when something goes wrong? When wind generators fail, they don’t explode into great balls of fire that kill workers and destroy the environment.

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