There are written many good documents.

– A holistic approach and a change in social priorities is required in the different countries, but it may well be too late for one of the most valuable and long-term medicine to save resources? Antibiotics .. There are written many good documents, not least by the wHO, lists important points on antibiotic curb, he said. The problem is that these recommendations only, which are followed or ignored unfortunately, it is easy to ignore them. But we now have a point? environmental pointcan no longer ignore these recommendations achieve and effective measures need to be implemented.

They are also particularly interesting for this study has a longer life may be associated with high oxidative damage in an apparent contradiction of the free radical theory. Ludovico plan was to see the two main free radicals associated with aging oxygen hydrogen peroxide and superoxide anion , as modified by the diet, their their connection to oxidative damage.. Oxidative damage.anti-aging, says new researchIn an attempt to understand these apparent contradictions Paula Ludovico the group at the University of Minho and colleagues, the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae were examined under a low-calorie diet.To results of to self-reported behaviors, feelings, intentions and conversations three months after the programs compared with pre-test:.

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