This could explain newly discovered mechanism.

It is known that flies with this inversion are larger and develop over a longer time period than the flies without inversion. It could be, although it does not prove that these differences are caused by silence the gene adjacent to the Kepler. If so, this could explain newly discovered mechanism, the adaptive value of the chromosomal inversion.

BY single molecules in LIVE NEURONSPeripheral nerves are the organic wires command command centers of the brain connects to the muscles and other tissues it. To understand nerves is nerves is crucial because. Their central role in many human diseases The transport of proteins and other materials from one end a nerve fiber to another – now a group of researchers at Stanford University, has a way a critical aspect of peripheral nerve function designed to observe.This project has been at whole or in part being financed by federal funds from National Institute of Mental Health, National Institute of Health, Department of Health and Human, below Contract No. HHSN278200554096C.

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