This study is pioglitazone therapy in Offspring Exposed to Maternal obesity.

‘Obesity in children is on the rise, they predisposed to lifelong diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease,’said Egle Bytautiene, with the University of Texas Medical Branch, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Galveston, and one of the study authors. ‘Programmed Much of childhood obesity during pregnancy , and our study shows that a drug used to treat diabetes may be used in adults may prevent the long-term effects of maternal obesity on the offspring, even if after a short time of birth used.

Left ventricular assist devices , or mechanical heart pumps are among the latest treatments for heart failure, when no longer no longer enough blood to the organs of the body occurs. Traditionally, doctors treat these patients with drugs that the pump power of the pump power when when life-threatening symptoms, transplantation transplantation. LVADs perform the mechanical work of the heart when medications fail. They implanted in the abdominal cavity and the left ventricle and the main blood vessel, the blood from the heart into the body. A hose connecting the pump to an external controller and power supply, which are carried outside the body.Previous studies have suggested that cortisol in cardiovascular mortality of cardiovascular mortality , but until now do not study had been directly tested hypothesis, said Nicole Vogelzang, to the VU University Medical Center in Holland and lead author on the trial. The findings of our trial clearly demonstrate that cortisol a overall aging population of cardiovascular death, fifth predict other causes of mortality. .

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