This was based on detailed photographs of the back of the eye.

The researchers analyzed the caliber of the vessels in the retina in more than 3600 men and women aged 49 years.This was based on detailed photographs of the back of the eye, measure the diameter of the small arteries and small veins , and calculating their ratio, as the AVR announced.

This detection method based on the concept that the more iodine deficiency, the body is is based, the more it will retain after supplementation, and the less will be excreted in the urine. When the body a sufficient iodine levels, it will eliminate 90 percent or more of the added dose. Conversely less than 90 percent in the urine of a defect.Michael White, professor of cell biology and lead author of study on the 18th February issue of of Molecular Cell.. The researchers to test the effectiveness of the the combination treatment of tumors in mice. When successful, she will then work an a active to the compound in pancreas and non-small cell of lung cancer and two cancers where this of certain enzyme TBC-1, of for survival in cancer cells of fighting. Our prediction is that TBK-1 is a excellent pharmacologic intervention target of a subset of lung and pancreas types of cancer that are addicted on the activity of said enzyme, We are believe that of these a very large population out of cancer patients who able reacting to inhibition work, said Dr.

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