Typical face masks do not kill pathogens in air.

Thus, microbes on or in the mask stay alive for many hours, greatly increasing the likelihood of cross-contamination. When the tight-fitting N95 face mask is compared, the BioMask is far superior in terms of efficacy, comfort and breathability. No of the test process, the CE was BioMask with live influenza A virus aerosolized corresponding 50 times the amount contained in a normal sneeze sprayed. More than 99.9 percent of the viruses less than a minute less than a minute. Similar tests were performed on other important pathogens, with similar results. When the BioMask was tested with respect to all important routes of exposure oral and dermal, it showed no harmful effects on humans. Tested for dermal biocompatibility The BioMask to internationally recognized standards set in ISO10933: Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices.

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