UNICEF will support the campaign by supplying vaccines and also cause commander ici.

UNICEF will support the campaign by supplying vaccines and also cause, communication and social mobilization effort to inform the society about the campaign. WHO will provide technical and financial assistance in the planning of the campaign, the development of guidelines and training employees. In addition to that the WHO team will continue epidemiological and clinical investigation of the outbreak commander ici .

The current studymic proportions in China to New Tulane University StudyA large population-based study of diabetes in China by investigators from Tulane University and her colleagues conducted in China found that the disease is reaching epidemic proportions in the adult population China. The study estimates that 92.4 million adults aged 20 or older have diabetes and 148.2 million adults have pre-diabetes, a major risk factor for the development of overt diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The results are in the 25th Released March edition of the New England Journal of Medicine.


On Tuesday, on health care reform abortion language of, unsafe abortion in Kenya comments Stupak, and Human Services Discuss Reform Vote: On Thursday, Good Morning America Sebelius retorted Rep. Bart Stupak to argued that which the Senate healthcare reform draft law would. Reduced federal resources abortion constraints I think the President of made it clear from the beginning that the health care reform bill should not be the status quo at abortion policy in the U.S., said Sebelius. Which also extends to the Programme in that were at least 12 Haus members vote against health care reform legislation if it (their change in insurers prevent from sale up plans, to abortions coverage part for anyone who support of assistance for, in the direction paying the premium Stephanopoulos and include , Good Morning America , ABC News, Stupak made ​​similar Comments Add appear wednesday in MSNBC Hardball (Matthews, Hardb.ll ,

6 000 USD therapies to Chronic Disease Can be switchingThis information was brought from kaiserhealthnews.org with friendly permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. They can view the entire emperors Daily Health Policy Report, search the archives and sign up of email Shipping on Emperor health news. The New York Times: ‘The studies prolonged treatment of cancerous participated the so-called maintenance therapy , it is a strategy for cancer a chronic disease such as diabetes or hypertension in check through continuous using medicines held Typically, stop taking taking. As soon as their once their tumor shrunken or disease going into remission. It does not re to use drugs until the tumor starts to grow again. ‘the Times noted that this sort of treatment does help home to people, that no study is far shown longer and warns you that long-term anticancer drug use of is can have side effects and is expensive. The two-year supplies Rituxan is $ examined examined whereas one of the other drugs cost you $ 6,000 each month (Pollack, the medicament is that the prolonged use of anti-cancer drugs stunt reports the advancement of diseases, a displacement of proposed Rates which treatment is usually of patient, The Wall Street Journal, help come. For instance, the drug Rituxan is ‘cutting your risk of cancer return in specific lymphoma patient by half when. Maintenance therapy for two years’The studies show ‘like Krebs be of a chronic disease commonly ‘, after the journal (Dooren and Winslow.

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