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Published. Kaiser Family Foundation. 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. During business hours order Pfizer Request To Erectile Dysfunction Drug Without Prescription SellThe AIDS Healthcare Foundation on Wednesday announced that it will report a petition FDA to Pfizer request of the company erectile dysfunction drug Viagra without a prescription, United Press International, sell refuse. The group said, learned it by recent media reports that Pfizer has ‘admitted for the first time ‘that it seeks to sell FDA approval for Viagra without prescription in U.S. Pharmacies, United Press International reports . ‘As a physician and HIV / AIDS treatment provider, I feel strongly myself that Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs should be under the auspices and guidance are provided by qualified and trained medical providers, ‘Charles Farthing, AHF Chief of Medicine, added, ‘ added, ‘AHF number one priority is to protect the health of people who believe with HIV / AIDS, as well as the general public, and I think that the retention of these drugs is as prescription and regulated by the FDA wise at this time ‘.

American Hospital Association To In Healthcare debate during Presidential Campaign ParticipateAmerican Hospital Association President and CEO Richard Umbdenstock on Monday in a speech to the Akron Regional Hospital Association and the Greater Akron said chamber to participate that the group in the health care debate during the 2008 presidential campaign reports, the Akron Beacon Journal. AHA has attempted comments on proposals to address the problem of uninsured tackle and improve health care quality, said Umbdenstock.Cancer and will Humble Painkiller stifles Cancer Growth – which includes of ibuprofen – the Cancer Research UK scientists optical to such as shedding a general class of interacting with a interact with a key protein require that fuels the growth of many different types of cancerous, according a study to the journal Chemical Communications day publishes.

The beta test in Oct. Precipitated with the name as World MRSA Awareness Month, real time the knowledge over this hard patients dangers to security. One type of staphylococcal infection that hard to deal with because it is resistant to many antibiotics , can cause serious problems, including cook, septic wounds, heart – valve problems, toxic shock syndrome, and even death.

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