VBACs at or after 40 weeks experiment gestation.

However, the chances of the implementation of such delivery fell successfully easy, the study found. Kara Coassolo the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia , and colleagues reviewed the results of 11,587 women who had a vaginal birth after c-section, before attempting to and after 40 weeks gestation. Researchers found that 69 percent of women, the VBAC success at or after their estimated delivery attempt is less likely to be be compared with 78 percent of the women before her before their estimated time of delivery. Doctors advised women, that the chances of VBAC success in pregnancies J. The expected delivery date as compared with those 40 weeks 40 weeks on, researcher and added: But the patient can be reassured that the success rate of almost 70 percent is still pretty good.The Hebrew University research project is headed by Prof. Itai of Bab of the Bone Laboratory, in collaboration with Prof. Raz Yirmiya of the Department of Psychology, Esther Shahami which the Laboratory of studying the Brain Trauma, student Alon Bagin and Inbal Goshen and Masters courses student Sharon Feldman. Jerry Barach 972-2-588-2904 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem HUJI.

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