Vergars stressed.

Vergars stressed, although there was no cause for alarm. Remediation measures to the full must be accepted. ‘.

O Londo has called on all relevant authorities in their country. Intensify all vigilance and control measures inform communities about Report to effective preventive measures and any suspected cases immediately ‘.

Local in Venezuela, Colombia in Venezuela, Colombia as well as Panama that 37 to 111 cases of cholera have been confirmed in Venezuela, and 12 in the Dominican Republic, 1 in the U.S., 2 in Madrid , and 1 in Mexico. .In contrast, was Philadelphia is far less prepared for an epidemic, and to strapped with a corrupt head of the Board of Health, about 13,000 inhabitants watched such as the flu through inside suburb brushed death. There represents, Higgins said, the a worst case scenario, by corpses piling external to the police stations and other trench trench digger. – has of course non every city did the same experience, Higgins said. There was really No achievement. One could to speak only about the degree of success or failure of.

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