Warned Scott Newman.

It could well be that there are other channels for virus introduction. ,, for example, or illegal and unreported movement of poultry This increases the risk of avian flu spreading to other countries in West Africa .. The detection of a new virus strain in Africa raises serious concerns as it is not known how this strain is introduced in the continent, warned Scott Newman, International Wildlife Coordinator of FAO Animal Health Service. – It seems unlikely that wild birds have carried the strain to Africa 2007 and last since the migration of wild birds from Europe and Central Asia to Africa, in September 2007, and this year’s southerly migration into Africa has not really started, Newman said.

Laboratory results from Nigeria and an FAO reference laboratory in Italy show that the newly discovered virus strain genetically different from the strains in Nigeria in previous outbreaks in 2006 and 2007 into circulation. The new strain has never been reported in Africa, it is more similar to strains previously in Europe , Asia identified and the Middle East in 2007.Although common side reactions associated with Truvada connected – sickness, but was have generally are benign and short-lived, was played one of the trials a decline of bone density amongst men taking the drug versus placebo. And there are signs the medication may also interfere liver and kidney feature.

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