We do not understand could could have given the nurses of the HHC www.MyCialis.net.

‘We do not understand could could have given the nurses of the HHC, ‘Kaleda said. ‘That nurses should call that is an embarrassment to the city of New York, which is supposedly proud to be one of the most progressive employers in the nation. In addition, this status will increased costs increased cost to the city, because nurses who would benefit from this change will be additional contributions additional contributions from their salaries www.MyCialis.net . ‘.

Nysna, for his part, said Kaleda, has not forsaken city and nurses continue to struggle get what get what belongs rightfully to the nurses Nysna will pursue to to physically demanding is a reality for There the city nurses. Our hope is that the EEOC see the facts as they are and find that the government of the city of New York has its sisters failed. .


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