We must look for the health of our Doctors.

We must look for the health of our Doctors, flexible working arrangements can care for their patients care for their patients, she said .

– is the demand for flexible arrangements evenly between divided junior doctors and their older counterparts, – Junior Doctors are the biggest users of flexible arrangements, – flexible work hours our most demanded arrangement for doctors ,, – Junior doctors have the highest demand for flexible mission planning and flexible hours, – the most common reasons doctors want flexible arrangements include spending time with family and friends who care for children and reducing work-related stress, – doctors believe that cultural and institutional factors and lack of human resources are the main barriers to training and flexible working arrangements in the medical workplace , the ability to access flexible training programs is a constant problem for young doctors..Like Kids with Autism exhibited significantly decreased connectivity between the different brain part in engine planning and implementing. These findings proof increasingly aware that autism, abnormality at the structural and functional cerebral connectivity, difficulty difficult for removed areas of the brain to coordinate coordinate abilities and is akin adding. – ‘Tapping his fingers is a simple action , but it involves the communication and coordination between regions of the brain,’said Dr. Stewart H. Mostofsky, senior study author and a pediatric neurologists the Department of Development Psychology Cognitive Neurology of the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Investigate in the first imaging study to motor execution in children with autism, researchers at the key Kennedy Krieger Institute new insights are uncovered into the neurological basis of autism. The study, published online in the journal Brain the 23rd April the brain Advanced Access compared the brain activity of children with high functioning autism and the typically developing colleague tapping during the performance a simple motor object fingers in consequence.

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